David led the journey restoring the Ark of the Covenant to Israel.  He recognized the importance of a declaration of adoration to God.  Worship is not merely a song; worship is declaring to God that He is the Most High and bowing before His throne daily.  David knew this was key to God living among His people.  David did not want to set up a folding chair so God could visit.  He wanted to build a temple where God would reside among the Israelites, to be worshipped daily.

FWC presents a diverse media to provide the same atmosphere David desired to give Israel.  We desire to build a place where the presence of God is invited to live among the people and be lifted high.  It is a place where the heart cry of the people rings out “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of All.”  It is where God is honored by loving people through real life experiences.

Worship does not merely soften the heart to hear the Word of God.  Worship allows the cares of life to be engulfed for a moment to bringing relief to our everyday struggles.  Our worship honors God by loving people through real life.  When life comes in, like a flood FWC raises up the banner of worship and exalts God.